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About Us

The Guardian has been publishing local news, sport and community information for its communities since 1888. The newspaper serves the thriving Swan Hill region which covers (6,117 m2), which makes it the second largest municipality in the state. The Swan Hill region has a population of 20,449 people.

The region has traditionally featured a mixture of dryland and irrigated farming, as well as an export stone-fruit industry, winemaking and dairy.

Swan Hill has a thriving tourism industry based around its unique Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement which now features the new world class "Heartbeat of the Murray" Laser Light Show.

The new Digital Edition of The Guardian keeps "locals" and "locals at heart" globally up to date with local news 24/7. Subscribe now!

The Gannawarra Times has been publishing local news, sport and community information for its communities since 1877. The newspaper serves the thriving townships of Kerang (the largest in the Shire) and Cohuna. The Gannawarra Shire has a population of 10,145 people.

Kerang is the hub of the Torrumbary Irrigation District and has one of the most consistent sheep and cattle markets in the state. Cohuna is situated on Gunbower Creek in the Murray Valley. It is situated in the eastern precinct of the Shire. It is one of the richest farming areas of Victoria with an intense dairy industry.

The towns have a rich cultural mix of residents and most have a deep love of sport. The local Kerang Australian Football team has taken out the Central Murray Football League Premiership for the past five seasons.

The new Digital Edition of the Gannawarra Times keeps "locals" and "locals at heart" globally up to date with local news 24/7. Subscribe now!