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THE ladies teams competition continues to roll along nicely, with Irene Trezise, Barb Evans, Kath Westblade and Cheryle Baker notching the awards for the day, defeating Yvonne’s side by eight. New bowler Mary Rodwell was a welcome addition to our ranks. Midweek pennant commences on the 9th, but with both sides having a bye, those available will have a practice session from 1pm. Casual clothes only are needed. Sixty-and-over bowlers travelled to Racecourse, where only Jeff Reade’s side was good enough to win all games. After a five way roll-off for second, the remaining poultry went to Bill Waters (skip) the two Peters and Barney. Barham Sports hosts the game this Thursday. Members who filled the Bingo roster for September are thanked for their contributions, as are the men who turned out on Monday to help prepare the greens prior to the pennant starting. Best wishes to all who are in the various teams this Saturday. Although a couple short, it looks as if all teams will be able to compete thanks to some willing emergencies coming forward. As mentioned last week, all draws for club events are on the board, except for the minor singles which needs a few more names to make a viable competition. Dates will be added shortly, so plan ahead to save those last minute hassles in completing games. On Sunday several members joined the Northern District teams for a practice match against Murray Valley, also at Racecourse. Both the men’s and ladies’ sides won overall, very decisively, with the rink of Bluey Fletcher, Ron Eckhardt, Ray Storey and Mike Hofman taking men’s honours, while Yvonne Eckhardt, Carol Pay and Jeanie Devitt, plus a local sub, was the best ladies outfit on the day.