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LAST Friday we held our annual Northaven Day Tournament. Despite a number of other scheduled events in the community, we had 32 players who did their best in very windy conditions in support of Northaven. Thanks to donors of the raffle prizes and our Friends of Northaven ladies who ran a stall which boosted the funds raised. No team won three games but there were four two-game winners with 2 points separating them all. Winners for the day were Marty Infantino (skipper) Terry Nolan, Don Jenkins and Jacqui Jenkins and runners-up were George Fenton (s), Murray Sutherland, Graeme Morris and Gerald Williamson. We were pleased to welcome Jeecinta Lightbody (residential care and services manager) and Lyn Steel (activities director) from Northaven to make the presentations. Jeecinta thanked all for their support and spoke on the progress being made there. Yesterday we played our Drawn Triples and are now preparing for the first round of pennant next Wednesday, October 9. The teams are: Division 1 v Barham Services at home - H McBain (s) S Pascoe, E Fenton, B. McBain; B Williams (s) M Theobald, T Pocock, M Sutherland; R Gilbert (s), C Wise, A Fagg, M Fowler. Division 2 v Pyramid Hill at home - J Hicks (s), C Adams, G Fenton, D Randell; L Adams (s), M Troy, B Lyne, M. Tilley. All the best for pennant teams as they commence competition. A reminder to all that an umpires’ information session is to be held at our club on the evening of Monday, October 7 with all who are interested welcome to attend. Good bowling to all clubs for the 2019-20 season.