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I AM writing to express my gratitude to the many people who have reached out to me recently to support me and acknowledge the challenge and responsibility associated with holding a public office. Many people have contacted me directly to discuss issues, particularly those relating to water policy, and take the opportunity to ask about matters that are not always immediately obvious when looking at the surface. Those people have overwhelmingly supported my commitment to focus on practical solutions and not empty words or false hope. In the last sitting week of Parliament, I saw a shameful demonstration from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Senator for Queensland, Malcolm Roberts, who submitted a motion to the Senate calling for the Minister for Water Resources and Drought to immediately release 200GL of water from storage – despite the fact that the minister does not own any water, does not hold any water, and has no authority to release any water. To say Senator Roberts’ motion was ambitious is being kind. Motions such as this aren’t just impractical – they’re unenforceable, unachievable and undeliverable. Motions such as this do not garner the support of anyone looking for practical solutions, and I have been humbled by the amount of support I have recently received for calling out Senator Roberts’ motion for what it was: empty rhetoric from someone seeking to politicise the drought and discredit the government’s efforts to support drought-affected communities. I am proud to be part of a government that is rolling out real assistance for drought stricken farmers and communities across the state through the Drought Communities Programme, the simplified Farm Household Allowance and the range of low interest loans available through the Regional Investment Corporation. Further, we have money on the table to build new water infrastructure across Australia to ensure the nation is better prepared for future droughts, and I am pleased that the NSW Government is accepting our offer to work together to identify and deliver projects in this state. The Nationals, in government at both a state and federal level, are focused on delivering practical and pragmatic solutions to support our farmers and rural communities through what is the most devastating drought in memory. Perin Davey The Nationals Senator for New South Wales