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ARIES—March 21-April 20 Clear up small misunderstandings before they get quite out of hand. Discussion groups provide a venue for meeting new people. In legal affairs, read all the fine print. TAURUS—April 21-May 22 A recent plan may backfire and you may have to lay out some extra cash. Your romantic intuition is strong and prestige at the workplace may increase by the end of the week. GEMINI—May 23-June 21 You can dabble succesfully with philosophical matters gaining new insights into relationahips and recent events. The financial news is more encouraging now. CANCER—June 22-July 22 Social activities make for a lively week. There may be a romantic slowdown, but a platonic relationship may be launched. A recent career decision benefits from consultation and reflection. LEO—July 23-August 22 The accent is on recreation and travel. Enjoy the company of a Gemini or Capricorn. Make an effort to not be on the defensive and watch out for people trying to intimidate you VIRGO—August 23-September 22 A longtime responsibility is finally transferred from your tired shoulders and you can devote more time and energy to trying out new hobbies or earning spare cash. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 Added work requirements may interfere with social butter- flying, but be sure you know your priorities. Household problems may require professional expertise. An old friend gets in touch. SCORPIO—October 23-November 21 Recent plans backfire but speedy thinking brings a successful alternative solution. Your willpower is strong now and it is a perfect week for all the resolutions you ever wanted to set forth. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22 You may find this a difficult time, so far as group activities are concerned. You may find it better on your own this week, keeping your thoughts to yourself. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20 A long awaited career or academic opportunity opens up. You may have to make some quick decisions. Domestic obligations can get in the way of weekend plans. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 Keep rivalries on a profesional level, not a personal one. A romantic question seems to defy a solution. The answer is much more obvious than you think. Intuition is generally strong. PISCES—February 20-March 20 You present a glamorous image, attracting wealthy and/ or witty admirers. Don’t put off visits, appointments or correspondence. Overseas news offers encouragement BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are practical, articulate, a born teacher and sometimes a little calculating. A delayed personal goal may be achieved, thanks to effort and teamwork. Family decisions affect every member - be an active part of the clan this year.